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Food banding bands

Technological posibilities:

  • up to 10 colors printed in flexographic technology,
  • maximum width of the printed web 820mm,
  • maximum repeatability of printing 587,38 mm,
  • finishing with selective varnishes, laminates, etc.,






Food banding is a common practice among companies to simplify product labeling. By choosing food banding bands from the offer of our company, you can expect a wide range of services, which will enable you to match them to your product in the best possible way.

Food banding - what do they look like?

Bands are made of paper, often further hardened by various techniques or refined, which are applied directly to the finished product - even before it is wrapped in foil. Depending on what kind of product you want to tag, we will print for you rolls of band-aids of the chosen thickness, width, with a specific imprint with your company logo, product name and information that must be placed on the band-aid in a situation where it replaces a label.

We also provide you with choice in terms of the shape of the banner - so you can even better highlight the right features of your product.

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Food banding - when is it worth going for it?

Food banding is used as a kind of "seal", for example, for sausage loops. Before being wrapped in foil, a band-aid is placed directly on them to hold them together and prevent deformation of the product.Our food bands are also used by bakers to mark their own breads - so they are more recognizable and the consumer can find all the necessary information on them. Band-aids are also a great way to link together, for example, packs of vegetables that are not sold by weight, but by the piece. Often, band-aids also appear on packages of ready meals, trays of meats and similar products. This makes it easier to put a future best-before date on them without using specialized machinery, which is especially useful for small food production facilities.

What kind of banding bands we offer?

You can order high-quality food banding bands from us, following the design provided or made by us. We offer webs with a maximum width of 820 mm, which is more than enough for labeling many products for which a banding band is the best choice. We provide the possibility of finishing by selective varnishing or lamination.We print using flexographic technology, with a maximum of 10 colors available.We have specialized equipment that allows us to create banding bands of different kinds, for many different applications, in any shape, color and to a certain size. Our customers have the opportunity to consult us on the best printing or finishing technique. We will be happy to answer all your questions and supply you with rolls of band-aids suitable for direct use in machine or manual packaging. Feel free to contact us for details of the banding to be used to decorate a particular product.This is often the only element of graphic labeling for a product, so it is worth placing special attention to its quality - and this will be ensured by cooperation with us!

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