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DPG labels. DPG certified labels

DPG labels - certificate of the German
depository system

Technological possibilities:

  • up to 10 colors printed in flexographic technology,

  • maximum width of the printed web 440 mm for self-adhesive labels,

  • maximum width of the printed web 820 mm for OPP labels,

  • maximum width of the formed sleeve 400mm,

  • maximum repeatability of printing is 558,80 mm for self-adhesive labels,

  • maximum print repeatability of 587,38 mm for shrink sleeves and OPP labels,

  • refinement with metallic and holographic lanimates, varnishes, etc.,

  • performing longitudinal and transverse perforation, and skidding - applies to shrink sleeves,

  • delivered in rolls or cut into pieces - applies to shrink sleeves.


DPG Labels

A-Z Color Printing House is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the printing industry, representing the interests of customers from various sectors of the economy. In addition to our standard offer for self-adhesive labels, we offer certified products for specialized applications. As an example, the DPG labels, which are the media for goods certified by the German depository system. Successfully completing the certification process requires compliance with strict quality criteria. Flexographic A-Z Color printing house focuses its services on maximizing benefits for companies that distribute food products in Germany.The DPG (Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH) certificate is awarded on the basis of verification of the labels' compliance with the regulations of the German Depository System.DPG-marked labels are the only legally authorized labeling system for bottles intended for the German market.As a producer of DPG labels, we comply with Germany's latest internal regulations.

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Labels with DPG sign

We produce certified DPG labels that meet the criteria of the consistent bottle labeling system that Deustche Pfandsystem introduced in 2005. The new system was intended to simplify the process of recycling refillable bottles through automatic identification.DPG labels are available in shrink-sleeves, OPP wraps and self-adhesive labels by combining information, control and marketing functions.A-Z Color is a flexographic printing house with an well-established market position.We produce DPG labels for internal and external use.Among our clients, we host some of the largest beverage companies. We have built an efficient machine park and equipped it with the most modern label printers. This allows us to provide a fast, cost-effective process for producing DPG-certified labels.We have passed a demanding certification process and have been authorized to use standardized label templates. We place great attention to excellent customer service, explaining any doubts and proposing the best solutions.

Producer of DPG labels

The DPG certified labels are widely used across Poland's western border. Each producer of bottled beverages is required to mark its goods in accordance with the requirements of the DPG.The same requirement applies to bottle exporters to the German market. A producer of DPG labels must ensure an efficient label printing process that is adjusted to frequently changing regulations.Within the structure of A-Z Color, we have created a team of experienced DPG label printing specialists, so we are confident of formal propriety and the highest technical quality. We produce durable, aesthetically pleasing DPG labels that work well in a variety of business formats. We look forward to working with you.

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