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Bottle labels

Technological posibilities:

  • up to 10 colors printed in flexographic technology,
  • maximum width of the printed web 820mm,
  • maximum repeatability of printing 587,38 mm,
  • two-sided printing,
  • DPG marking,
  • finishing with selective varnishes, laminates, etc.,






Modern and durable bottle labels

A-Z Color Printing House offers a wide range of services in the design and production of standard as well as personalized labels for glass and plastic bottles. Our carefully selected offer includes, among others, self-adhesive labels or wrap-around labels with any imprint used in the food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical industries.

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High quality bottle labels

Striving to ensure our customers with the highest quality services at attractive prices, we provide design and printing of bottle labels using most modern solutions and technologies.

In our daily work, we use our many years of experience and constantly expanded machinery park to offer bottle labels in a wide range of designs and colors, printed on the highest quality self-adhesive paper and ready to be placed on the bottles themselves immediately.

Self-adhesive labels for bottle

Bottle labels with a strong adhesive are also a solution, produced in our printing house using modern technology.

Made on standard paper or film, adhesive labels are a solution that has been chosen for years by food companies, manufacturers of drugs, cosmetics, dietary supplements and many other products sold in glass or plastic bottles of any capacity.

At the customer's request, self-adhesive labels for bottles can be further refined, through lamination or varnish application.

Wrap-around labels, wrapper for bottle

One of the more popular solutions used for labeling bottled products are wrap-around labels, commonly known as bottle wrappers. These types of products are most often chosen by producers of waters and beverages sold in PET bottles. Unlike standard self-adhesive labels for bottles, the glue does not cover the entire surface, but only the bonding area.

The wrap-around labels produced on thin, transparent and highly durable monofilms combine the latest design trends with eco-friendly design and an reasonable price.

Printed self-adhesive labels - effective advertising for any company!

At A-Z Color, we offer digital printing of bottle labels, fully meeting the high expectations of our customers. We handle both large orders and low-volume orders, guaranteeing reasonable prices and fast order processing time. Feel free to contact us for more information and to establish cooperation with our printing house.

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