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Product labels

Technological possibilities:

  • up to 10 colors printed in flexographic technology,
  • up to 2 colors printed in screen printing technology,
  • maximum 9 colors printed in combinated technology, e. g. 9 flexo + 1 screen,
  • maximum width of the printed web 440 mm,
  • maximum repeatability of printing 558,80 mm,
  • printing signs for the Blind and Braille,
  • printing on the adhesive side and two-layer,
  • numbering labels in roles,
  • peel-Off labels,
  • refinement with metallic and holographic laminates, varnishes,






Product labels - professional label printing-house

Product labels perform a very important function at the stage of communication of

product information. At the same time, they are a distinguishing element of the goods on the shelf and are designed to attract customer attention.

The expectations of entrepreneurs ordering product labels must be met with a comprehensive offer that allows far-reaching personalization of the final appearance. A-Z Color printing house which offer product label provides full-service design and printing of self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeve labels, or specialized bottle labels. With us you will create unconventional custom labels that will enhance the appearance of any product.

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Labels for food products

For companies ordering food labels, flexographic printing provides the superior sharpness and legibility. Food labels are subject to EU regulations on the content of information that must be made available to the customer. Food labels should include, among other things, product composition, expiration date, or allergen information. The small font raises further issues for less advanced printing techniques.

With A-Z Color, you can be sure that even small numbers and letters will be clearly reproduced on the label. We fulfill orders for food labels for companies from all over Poland and the world. Among other things, we offer labels in the form of wrappers, suitable for labeling meat products, cheese, or bread. Do not forget about the material requirements that food labels must take into account.

Printing of any labels that come into contact with food should be done on safe materials that are admitted under the relevant approvals. In addition to standard versions of food labels, we also offer labeling systems for cold storage facilities.

At A-Z Color you will order food labels created for extremely low temperatures.

If your needs go beyond the standard offerings described on our website, you have the option of making any custom label. A-Z Color's machinery park consists of advanced equipment that we configure depending on the type of order. Get professional assistance from AZ Color experts and your food labels will never be boring again!

Automative labels

We offer product labels for the automotive industry to mark car’s parts and accessories for retail sale.

Automotive labels are products with specialized applications. The working environment of industrial production facilities exposes product labels to frequent contact with chemicals. The exposition to the weather conditions and variables temperature are also daily occurance.

A-Z Color automotive labels retain its appearance regardless of external circumstances.

Our printing house creates excellent quality labels for new tires, engine oil labels, or labels for spare parts.

We guarantee full flexibility at the stage of designing the shape of automotive labels, which must perfectly match the dimensions of the product and provide resistance to abrasion.

Industrial labels

We specialize in creating labels with above-average resistance to tearing, scratching or contact with moisture.

The challenges posed to industrial labels require the use of modern technology and the selection of such materials that will effectively stand to unfavorable external factors.

An extension of our range of automotive labels are industrial labels, being created in several technological versions.

At A-Z Color, we offer both traditional labels on a paper base, as well as labels made of polyethylene and polypropylene foil.

In the production of industrial labels, there is no place for compromise - each element of product marking should be characterized by increased mechanical strength and high print resolution.

Cosmetic labels

A-Z Color Printing House cooperates with many cosmetics and hygiene product manufacturers.

We perfectly understand their needs for printing cosmetic labels, which must combine informational functions with a marketing message.

Cosmetic labels have a huge impact on customers' purchasing decisions.

Aesthetic, legible and original cosmetic labels rise sales results to new levels.Therefore, when producing product labels for the cosmetics industry, we place so much attention to visual issues. Flexographic printing makes it possible to achieve high resolution of lettering and other graphic elements.

Customized labels

A-Z Color Printing House is distinguished by its individual approach to the order and by the comprehensive support provided to the customer.We offer to make a precise graphic design of a custom label, which we then realize on flexographic machines.We guarantee excellent color saturation on the label, legibility of text and barcodes, and durability against abrasion and tearing. Feel free to contact us - we will develop a solution for you that will make product labels an effective tool in the competitive battle for customers.

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