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Peel Off labels

Technological possibilities:

  • up to 9 colors printed in flexographic technology,
  • maximum width of the printed web 440 mm,
  • maximum repeatability of printing 558,80 mm,
  • printing on the adhesive side and three-layer,






Peel-off labels – functional and aesthetic

We have been engaged in the production of peel off labels with high utility and visual qualities, for years.

We have a modern park of machines that allows us to have the best printing quality. With an extensive experience and skills, we are able to make any peel off labels. We produce labels of various shapes, sizes and colors. Labels are produced from a variety of materials. Our offer includes metallized, foil and paper peel-off labels. We can put both text and graphics on them, depending on the customer's requirements. Multilayer labels allow full personalization of each label in terms of the appearance and content of the label, as well as the material of its manufacture.

We print the inside and outside of the label.

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We implement ready-made designs provided by the customer, but we can also develop an individual design at the request of the contractor. When designing peel-off labels, we take full advantage of the possibilities of this form. As a result, we are able to create functional and visually appealing products. We guarantee timeliness and high quality labels. We also provide advice on choosing the right solutions.

What are peel off labels?

Peel off multilayer labels, also often called “peel and read" or "open and close" labels, are a type of label that forms a kind of "booklet" on a product. The label consists of two stick-on layers and three sides of printing. They are connected to each other in a permanent way, but allowing you to read each layer separately.

At first sight, the labels are no different from standard labels. It is only after opening them that it turns out that they hold much more information. The peel off technology makes it possible to peel off and then sticking next layers of the label over and over again. This effect is achieved by using a special peel-off adhesive. There is also a small handle on the front of the label (top layer), which makes it easy to open.

Multilayer labels are an effective way to deal with the problem of small packaging space when large amounts of information need to be given.

Thanks to them, there is no need to increase the size of the package or add a paper box, because all the necessary information manages to fit in a small area.

Peel off labels with a wide range of applications

It is not always possible to put all the producer's important or legally required information on a standard label. In such a case, peel-off labels are perfect. They are useful wherever large amounts of information need to be put on a small product.

This is a recommended solution for placing long descriptions, translations of text in several languages, instructions for use or content of a given product. Such labels are widely used among others in the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

They are often sticked on a variety of cosmetics, food products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and many other items. They can also be found on products in clear bottles, such as nail polish remover, shower gels and glass cleaner. In addition, they are used by producers for marketing purposes as labels informing about promotional actions or other products of the brand.

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